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June 19, 2017

Tahiti – Moorea – Bora Bora

Last month Lauren and I spent a week around the islands of Tahiti with our friends Ellie and Alex. We flew into Tahiti island from Bali via Aukland with Air Tahiti Nui. Upon arrival we got straight onto a boat and headed over to Moorea.

Most people associate Tahiti with honeymooners and luxury 5 star hotels only affordable to the rich, which is definitely the case in some parts, but theres a lot of Tahiti thats affordable for everyone and great for travelling with friends. I crafted up an itinerary with Tahiti tourism to split our trip into 2 sections to get a taste of both the luxury and affordable side.

When we arrived on Moorea we rented a car by the pier and drove to a huge 4 bedroom house rental on the coast which was perfect for groups. A beautiful pastel painted home surrounded by shallow crystal clear lagoon like waters. We were here for 2 nights and spent most of our time cruising around in a boat searching for sharks and sting rays.

Finding sharks and sting rays wasn’t a challenge, in fact they were pretty much everywhere! I had never swam this close with sharks or sting rays before, so it was an extra special experience for me. The sting rays would literally swim up my back, a weird but incredible feeling. Unfortunately the weather was quite cloudy during our time there but since the water is so crystal clear visibility wasn’t affected.

After a few hours in shallow water we went out deeper to swim with a larger pack of bigger sharks.

The days went by so fast and we were pretty sad to be leaving the beautiful island of Moorea, but at the same time super excited to check out the famous islands of Bora Bora. Our first stop was the Four Seasons – it was like a dream, one of those places I used to look at on the internet but never thought I’d have the chance to actually go to. Imagine the Maldives surrounded by Hawaiian landscape, thats pretty much the only was to compare it! We stayed in an overwater bungalow – it wasn’t uncommon the see marine life swimming by from our deck.

After 2 nights in the Four Seasons we checked into our next hotel, the St Regis Bora Bora. Although this hotel was just minutes from the Four Seasons, it was very much different. This hotel had natural surrounding lagoons, home to heaps of colourful big fish.

Again, we stayed in another dreamy over water bungalow.

On our 2nd day we took a boat out to see the surrounding parts of Bora Bora. Much like Moorea, there were sharks and sting rays everywhere! We even got lucky and swam with some Manta rays for around half a hour.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped by a secluded island – nothing but palms and blue waters.

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Tahiti was a dream and I’d recommend to anyone – if you have any questions feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you asap!

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