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New Orleans

September 23, 2017

This summer Lauren and I were invited to explore New Orleans in partnership with Uber. We were so stoked because not only is New Orleans a new and exciting place to tick off the list, but also because Uber is company that we both love and use so regularly during our every day travel life!

We literally use Uber everywhere we go. When landing in a new country with a new currency it can be pretty difficult to know if you’re being ripped off by other methods of transport, or if you’re even on the right route. One of our favourite things about Uber is that it’s all done from your phone, the price is there and so is the route. When I travel with friends the Split Fare is super helpful, it cuts out the hassle of keeping up with who paid for the last ride or making sure everyone gets the right change.

The aim of this trip was to explore the streets of New Orleans and all the city has to offer, while riding with Uber and documenting the experience in a short video. Prior to the trip I asked my followers for their recommendations on the must see’s around the big easy. We were overwhelmed by the response and couldn’t wait to get out there and take it all in!

Upon arrival we checked into the Ace hotel – it had a vintage and quirky decor design with a lively atmosphere, our kind of vibe! We were pretty jet lag after flying from London but that didn’t stop us heading straight out to the busy streets filled with colour, street performers and Jazz bars. Our first impression was it’s a city like no other, it has its own really unique character.

The next morning we met up with the team and started the day with some beignets at the famous Cafe Du Monde.. Yumm! This place was so atmospheric and almost felt like being on a movie set.

After breakfast we explored the near by area. We walked down dozens of photogenic streets stopping by at each of them to shoot some video. After walking around for a while we took an uber ride over to Muriel’s Jackson Square for some lunch. Muriel’s restaurant is well known not just for the great food, but also being haunted by friendly ghosts haha. Each day the staff set up a table for past residents who are believed to reside still even though they passed away many years ago!

After lunch we took an Uber across town to the Frenchman Market where we found some really cool art shops, my favourite stall was selling vintage cameras turned into lamps! By this time it started to get dark so we decided to end the day at a live jazz bar. This was the perfect end to our trip in New Orleans.

One travelling tip I took away from this trip was how good the Saved Places feature within the Uber app is. It allows you to save your favourite places which is sooo helpful when travelling to new places often. Since the trip I’ve been looking forward to the feature spreading to cities internationally so we can use it to save hotels, cafes etc in every new city we stay in, like a personalised city guide.

Check out the video from this trip below or click here!

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